AREEJ KAOUD Mother Tongue
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This work is dedicated to language cutting distance. It was created during the pandemic which has brought about an unnatural experience of time and isolation. The familiarity in the mother tongue in a foreign context is a form of healing, an instant point of nearness, and a relief to a heart yearning for any sense of home. The composition of the letters in this artwork presents basic play in reading the phrase 'That Mother Tongue Hit The Spot'. The work was exhibited in Queen's Park and the Archaeology Museum in London in 2022, and in both displays the work was installed hanging over a tree branch, freely swaying in the wind. Exhibitions: 'Intimate Distance' April 2022 @ Queen's Park, London UK. 'Intimate Distance' May 2022 @ Museum of London Archaeological Archive, London UK.
That Mother Tongue Hit The Spot, 2022, fabric color on Egyptian Carpet, 200 X 60 cm Commissioned by Arts Canteen & Glasgow University - Walk Residency 2022 Areej Kaoud Image courtesy to the artist
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